Helping you protect your cloud assets against today's advanced threats.


Security Assessment

A comprehensive security assessment of your AWS infrastructure will give you the peace of mind that vulnerabilities in your infrastructure have not been overlooked.

Our security assessments include a full review of your infrastructure configuration as well as a least-privilege permission check to ensure that your user permissions are optimally configured.


Bespoke Development

We develop custom security solutions to ensure that your AWS infrastructure aligns with your own security policies. By combining AWS provided services with custom code the optimal solution can be implemented to your exact specifications.

By leveraging AWS Lambda we build serverless, event-driven monitoring systems that react to infrastructure changes in near real-time.


Security Advice

We are able to assist in securing your AWS infrastructure at any stage, from planning, through development and into the operational phase.

Our expertise range from implementing security policies to monitoring and automated notification and response to security events.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you secure your cloud infrastructure.